About us

We are: some individuals and businesses in Lewes, and the Town Council, who want Lewes to be a Living Wage Town.
We started in September 2014 writing to newspapers about wages in Lewes, after one of us discovered a care home in which only the minimum wage was being paid to some carers for 12 hour shifts. We also found that York and Brighton & Hove are Living Wage Cities.

We are:
Sonya Baksi
Pat Charlton
Linda Lamont
Ann Link
Imogen Makepeace
Jane Perry
Penny Leach
Rachael Boldero

We have had major support from Andrew Bird of Silverado Contemporary Jewellery, the Labour Party, the Green Party and Lewes Town Council, who have supported us with a grant. More recently, we have started to work more closely with Lewes Chamber of Commerce.

We have affiliated to the Living Wage Foundation and we work closely with Living Wage Brighton and Hove

Website by Emily Smart of Silverado
Logo adapted with permission from Living Wage Brighton and Hove (designer Wolfstrome: http://richardwolfstrome.com/)
Image of Lewes Castle from a watercolour by Robin Charlton