Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Town Council supports Living Wage

The Town Council met on June 18.
Fraser Addecott, a Green Party Town Councillor, proposed that the Personnel Panel consider:
  • The most effective way to enable payment of at least the Living Wage to allTown Council staff
  • To ensure contractors engaged by the Town Council confirm they pay all theiremployees at least the Living Wage
  • To ensure all organisations which receive a grant from the Town Council pay employees at least the Living Wage
Lewes Town Council resolves to support the Lewes Living Wage campaign in its work to raise awareness of the issues through the wider business community.

Cllr Addecott pointed out that the Living Wage is £7.85 per hour and that currently three members of the Council staff earn less than that.

The proposal was unanimously agreed. The Personnel Panel meets on 14th July